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How To Start Your Own Janitorial Business:

Introduces the many types of fields in the janitorial service industry. Covers the possible amounts of income that you can expect to make in those fields and the obstacles that you may experience. Also covers necessary licenses, insurance, bonding, and the pit falls of employee payroll taxes, legal and illegal subcontracting.

Bidding and Estimating:

This class covers the mechanics of preparing a written quotation, covering job costing, estimating by use of square foot as compared to calculating man hours, and understanding how to make a profit. Estimating topics covered: carpet cleaning, house cleaning, apartment cleaning, upholstery cleaning, construction cleanup, floor stripping and on going maintenance, office cleaning, industrial cleaning

Carpet Cleaning:

Understanding the basic principal of removing odor and soil from carpet fibers, and the hands-on use of different equipment and procedure options. Also covering cautions necessary to be taken in order to avoid damaging carpet and problem solving techniques.

Floor Stripping:

Covers the removal of all coatings of floor finish, wax, and dirt from vinyl and other hard surface flooring. Proper use of time saving equipment and procedures for applying new sealers and floor finish coatings.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Maintaining The Shine:

Covers procedures in keeping a vinyl floor clean and shinny without continually reapplying coat after coat of self polishing floor finish. Proven cleaning methods of proper hands-on use of equipment such as slow speed buffers, hi speed buffers, both electric and propane powered, wet pick up vacuums and automatic scrubbers.

Wood, Tile, Stone, and Marble Cleaning and Maintaining a Natural Shine, Versus Applying Finish Coatings:

Covers safe cleaning methods as not to damage wood, tile, stone and marble surfaces. Also understand the positives and negatives of coating these surfaces with protective and shinny sealers and finish coatings, compared to leaving the surface un-coated and learning ways of cleaning and maintaining these surfaces with specialty tools and products that can protect while enhancing their natural beauty.

Professional Window Washing with a Squeegee:

Learn the basic principals of how the squeegee tool cleans glass and the benefits of using a squeegee compared to cleaning glass by using a towel and spray-on glass cleaner. You will learn actual techniques of using a squeegee by hand and by using an extension pole.

Understanding The Use of Cleaning Chemicals:

This class will cover proper use of many cleaning chemicals so that you can get the best performance out of each product you use. Also reinforcing safety by understanding how to avoid the hazards that can come from improper use of cleaning chemicals. Explanation of terms Alkaline, Acid, and PH Neutral and how this knowledge will improve your cleaning performance.

Rest Room Cleaning and Sanitation:

This class will cover timesaving procedures in cleaning and sanitizing the surfaces of rest room mirrors, dispensers for paper towels and toilet tissue, trash receptacles, sinks and faucets, walls and partitions, toilets, showers, bath tubs, and floors. With special techniques in removing soap and hard water film from shower walls, glass doors, frames, and bath tub surfaces. Also removing hard water rings from toilet bowels, and the cleaning of ceramic tile and grout.

The classes are taught by professionals with several of the classes being a “hands-on” experience. We try to make these classes as comfortable as possible with a casual atmosphere so that questions are desired and answered. We encourage sign-ups, either by stopping at the store or by a telephone call. We also call to remind you of the classes Look forward to seeing you! Certificates of Completion will be given to those interested.
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